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Kenneth Carpenter

Edwards, CO


Thank you very much for inquiring about my work! When I was born, I weighed close to 11 pounds and, boasted nearly a full head of hair! That was all later stretched out to about 6'-4" tall. But this is probably not the level of detail required here!
My fascination with Black and White Photography goes back to the days when photographs had rough edges and, were placed into photo albums with little corner mounts. Whenever our family visited someone who had photo albums handy, I would grab them and escape into a chair or coach and look closely at the story that came from each image. Perhaps, in hindsight, it was a way for me to vicariously live a different life, even if only briefly. I would love to listen to the adults talk about their newest cameras, especially the large format variety!
Later in life, I became intrigued by the French photographers such as Eisenstaedt, Cartier-Bresson and Doisneau. Dorothea Lange and Alfred Steiglitz had curious eyes for capturing scenes that made the viewer want to leap into them. I would buy black and white postcards by the dozen, to stash away for just the right occasion. I hope to one day work with a Graflex 4x5 Super D camera!~
Now, although I am pleased to be a member of the "Bridge Generation" of photographers ( people who have worked with both digital and film), I still gravitate to the film medium: it just has an undeniable romance about it~ It's a sentimental link to all those that came before us and created this wonderful art form known as Photography~Holding a negative is akin to holding a canvas.
Hal Roach, in Denver, once said that a successful image speaks to our emotions and intellect, regardless of how simple or complex.
My education with the art form has been almost exclusively through the lens. I strive to create a good story, whimsy or beauty. Norman Rockwell, E. H. Shepard, and James Thurbur were my childhood hero. Perhaps that tells you........"something about something"!~
On the side, I work on music improv, cartooning ala' the style of the The New Yorker, illustrating, getting outdoors and, a good game of chess, (with a cup of coffee!)~



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